Sep 12, 2017


ABS: Richmond’s bandwagon fastest growing city in Australia


Richmond’s bandwagon is the fastest growing city in Australia according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today.

ABS Director of Demography Andrew Howe said Richmond’s bandwagon had added 46,545 people since last Friday.

“We’ve seen these sorts of fluctuations in the population before when it comes to this location but not usually this late in September,” Mr Howe said.

“Richmond’s bandwagon tends to have a high proportion of ‘fly-in-fly-out’ workers and follows a ‘boom-bust’ cycle.”

Longtime resident Barbara Clement said while it was great to see the Tiger Army swell, it made it hard to get essential services, like tickets.

“Luckily, the AFL always steps in at moments like these to make sure longtime residents are looked after ahead of other groups like corporates.”

Mr Howe said residents of the Richmond Bandwagon had some of the highest levels of alcoholism and stress related diseases in the Western world.

“This is a city that’s had its fair share of tough times, with the fumes from burning plastic causing numerous health scares over the years.”

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BH Brawler

Sep 12, 2017

On the positive side, the crime rate in inner eastern Melbourne dropped significantly last Friday night.


Sep 12, 2017

There will be lots of babies born in 9 months time. They, be it boy or girl, will be named Dusty!!


Sep 12, 2017

Population minus 96000 when the Eagles knock them off in two weeks.


Sep 12, 2017

So reckon the your Eagles are any chance to knock off the Swans in the GF? LOL!


Sep 12, 2017

Might be of interest to that quintessential demographer and match maker Bernard Salt. Love life off track? Hop on the Richmond Bandwagon and feel the love.

Bloke from the outer

Sep 12, 2017

I call one of my mates The Caboose. He decouples from the tiger train with a disturbing regularity.

I wonder if you can prove fealty over the 30 year grueling test of being a tiger fan entitles you to GF tickets? I'm sure the AFL is looking into it.

Lance from Lancefield

Sep 12, 2017

I see Dustin Hoffman picked up the Lethal award...good one....I do feel the system is unfair though, The Once Mighty and trying to be Mighty again Dees still cant get a berth in September, we need to Lever a few out and String (er) a few good games together...pathetic isn't it!


Sep 13, 2017

many of the new Richmond Bandwagon residents moved hastily from the previously booming suburb, Western Bulldogs Bandwagon


Sep 13, 2017

Its more of an express train than a bandwagon with 70,000 plus members last year when they finished 12th.


Sep 13, 2017

Third highest crowd averages since 1997, the bandwagon's pretty resilient.


Sep 13, 2017

Bandwagon? Express? Train? Is this melburnians (also known from the Latin; adj, vb; noun; dustinians) skiting about how great their public transit is? Again? Last years conductor would be lucky getting his Tx to the finals given the amount of bulldogs he is/was responsible for left wandering, lost, about the city but luckily under the AFL's Once A Legend Always A Legend Fair Play Policy he may still have a seat next to Bucks et al.... Sad how as a society when we can't care for all those teams that were once great...which means Melbourne has bugger all chance....sigh. Just love the finals...!

Mac Hawk

Sep 13, 2017

Where is Richmond ? Google maps says it is somewhere around District 9 but it cannot be located for some reason

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