Sep 03, 2019


AFL Match Review Centre media conference transcript


The AFL showed off their new AFL Match Review Centre to media today. Here’s a transcript of the media conference with AFL Football Operations Manager Steve Hocking.

Steve Hocking: We’re excited today to announce the new AFL Review Centre is ready just in time for finals. It’s already had a very successful trial.

Reporter One: How rigorous was this trial?

Hocking: Very. Extremely rigorous. In fact, it was the most rigorous test of a Review Centre the AFL has ever done. So maximum rigor.

Reporter One: So how many months did you test it?

Hocking: Well I wouldn’t count it in months necessarily, more in ‘rigorness’. Oh, and my briefing note says to say something about ‘redundancy systems’ at this point.

Reporter Two: How many rounds did you test it then?

Hocking: One.

Reporter One: So just nine games?

Hocking: Well two games in Round 23.

Reporter Three: That seems a bit rushed.

Hocking: We were forced to speed up the timeline.

Reporter One: Why?

Hocking: An extraordinary set of circumstances.

Reporter One: Which was?

Hocking: How extraordinarily we stuffed up the previous system.

Reporter Three: So, you’ve tested this thing only twice and now you’re rolling it out for the most important games of the year?

Hocking: To be fair, that’s longer than we test most rule changes. Plus, the new ‘ARC’, as we’re calling it, has ‘Extreme Super Slow Motion' cameras.

Reporter One: What does that mean? What’s the technical specifications of the cameras?

Hocking: Well, they’re extremely slow.

Reporter One: Yeah but the actual technical specs are…

Hocking: Oh, right. Well I think it goes, ‘a bit slow’, then ‘very slow’, then ‘extreme super slow’ and these are ‘extreme slow’. Actually, maybe it should be called ‘X super Slow Motion.’ That’s catchy.

Reporter Three: Steve can I ask…

Hocking: Hang on, I’m just writing that down, ‘X Super Slow Motion’. Oh, that’s good. Should it be in all caps? I’ll ask marketing.

Reporter Three: Steve, you’ve had years to get the previous system right and it arguably got worse over time, what makes you think after two games this will suddenly work well?

Hocking: Well this centre has everything. It’s got Stan, Netflix, Amazon, even YouTube. And the kid that runs it is really good. He showed me how you need to put it on AV3 for Foxtel. I watched Midsomer Murders in there last night and the picture was so crisp.

Reporter One: So, you’re confident this will work?

Hocking: When have the AFL ever rushed something in that has ended up not working?

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Sep 03, 2019

When I think of all the new ways the ARC will get decisions wrong, I start giggling like Gary Ablett visiting the tribunal. The AFL can't manage a calculator and now they're hitting us with more technology than being assimilated by the Borg!? These are truly great times we live in. What's a bet they'll scrap it before the Grannie?

Vic Parkes

Sep 03, 2019

I hope it has a filter to make it sure looks at the right incident, unlike the recent Pies game. Probably work best if someone who has ever played, umpired or even been to the footy operated it.

Brad Attwood

Sep 03, 2019

Apologies to Clarke & Dawe, but I was waiting for “The front fell off”...


Sep 03, 2019

John Clarke and Brian Dawes would love your work.

Rich Woods

Sep 03, 2019

Just get rid of the ‘hit the post’ rule and the majority of the problems wouldn’t exist. Can’t think of any other sport that is so finicky about goals.

Rhys Mc

Sep 04, 2019

This sounds like another dodgy version of the NRL Bunker. Games are delayed for minutes whilst an off-site official adjudicates - and often, defers to the on ground referee.
Rich you are spot on - if the ball hits the post, front on it is a behind and if it glances the post after passing the goal line it is a goal.
I have witnessed Jeremy Cameron awarded a behind on three separate occasions because he allegedly kicked the ball Too High. On each occasion, a later view from the opposite goal camera indicated the ball was precisely between the goal posts.
It is a pity that that camera view, from directly behind the opposite goal is rarely, if ever, used.
And get rid of the third umpire !!! More bother than worth with too many rules open to interpretation.


Sep 04, 2019

In the off-season they could rent it out to MAFS, never again would a subtle eyebrow raise, hair flick or snide sideways glance go un-judged by the viewing public!


Sep 07, 2019

Is there any chance the AFL built an ARC because Gil Is going to make it rain for 40 days and 40 nights? Could Brad Scott's "wide ranging" job be to collect the animals 2 by 2 (1 male, 1 female)


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