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AFL: New smaller screen! You're welcome!

The AFL are excited to announce that purchasers of their Live Pass will now be able to stream games on a tablet smaller than ever. 

In an announcement, the AFL said "in 2017 live streaming picture size on Tablet will be shown at iPhone size due to new Broadcast Agreement. New features to come."

There is no word yet on the 'new features to come' but insiders say the AFL is trialling 'no sound,' 'black and white' and just charging subscribers but providing no vision at all.

"We know that fans found a full screen on the iPad too confronting and will be thrilled to pay $89.99 for an inferior picture to last season."

"We also thought it would be fun to let the fans find this out after they'd purchased it and are stuck with this. 

"Of course, as always, you can pay a lot more and get Foxtel. You fans are made of money so that shouldn't be a problem. In fact, we at the AFL operate on the belief that everyone has Foxtel," said an AFL spokesperson. 

Fans have reacted by saying 'this is the most AFL move in the history of AFL moves.'

Asked about fans’ anger, an AFL spokesperson said they are currently working out a way to tax fans for complaining.

“They never thank us. What about that time we made food prices at stadiums go from insanely expensive to pretty expensive?”

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Rodney Grinter's Lovechild 17 February 2017

Here here

Love the new small screen, Feels like a step in the right direction.

To quote the Don

Things at the AFL are going great,We have the best people, we have the best streaming. I hear from everyone, including Titus, that we are doing great. People say my hands are small but they are actually huge, that the same about the screen, it is huge

Kevin Coke bottles 17 February 2017

Top job Mr AFL. I am wrapped I cancelled my inferior overpriced Foxtel subscription with poor quality HD upscaling on my 80" UHD TV. Now I get to fine tune my goggle-bangers to focus on the corner of my tablet and, if held on just the right angle, make out who has the ball.

Definitely looking forward to the new ND (No definition) upgrades and B&W.. will be just like being back in the day, you know when 'Footy was a man's game'.

Crasha 17 February 2017

Alternative facts show all AFL fans are happy with the smaller screen.

Benjamin J Cousins 17 February 2017

The new smaller screen is perfect for my overdilated pupils. Thanks AFL. #shardislife

Loz 17 February 2017

Gill has announced that Sean Spicer and Kelly-Anne Conway will respond on behalf of the AFL in due course.

Uggy 17 February 2017

"This is the best AFL Live App ever. Period."

Bagman 17 February 2017

Great for Meat Loaf fans as the small screen is too big another great move

Harrod Jayne 17 February 2017

This has convinced me that AFL is where i should be. No other code in world sport will allow me showcase my talents in such a unique way.

PK 17 February 2017

... and you can no longer mirror it to your tv?? fantastic.

Norma Desmond 17 February 2017

"I AM big, it's the pictures that got small!"

Leavebrittanyalone 17 February 2017

It's actually Telstra's fault. It's their app. They changed developers. Just stream it on CrownBet anyway.

JohnB 17 February 2017

It's great for that category of fans who, like me, really don't like the actual AFL part, never watch it and are solely interested in the aspects involving Titus taking the piss.

Neil 17 February 2017

If i hold my tablet in portrait can i shrink the annoyingly large picture even further?

Steve 17 February 2017

The AFL and Telstra ripping off people with their "fine print". Who'da thunk it.

Demonman 17 February 2017

The word on the street is that Mike Williamson and Lou are going to do the commentary on the live app...... I tipped this!!

Dexter Crabtree 17 February 2017

This smaller screen is going to be huge!

Riley 18 February 2017

That's it! I now hate AFL and will never watch it again. I will now develop an inappropriate love of netball. At least they don't screw the fans.

Louise 18 February 2017

That's not Mav Weller #44 Go Saints!

Tris 2 March 2017

What a great idea to get more 'bums on seats' at AFL games.

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