Feb 18, 2018


AFLW in trouble as guy on Twitter doesn’t like it


In a serious blow to the viability of the AFLW, Twitter user @Jase089, announced he’s ‘not interested in it’ and could not be ‘made to watch it by the AFL justice warriors’.

AFLW CEO Nicole Livingstone said the development was significant, as the only reason the league had been put in place was to please @Jase089.

“Obviously, a lot of people poured their hearts and souls into trying to bring this to life, but we need to be accountable and @Jase089’s views are highly valued in the community, as shown by his 14 followers.”

“Without @Jase089 watching, I’m not sure if our ratings are sustainable.”

Perhaps most devastating was @Jase089 groundbreaking observation that AFLW’s skill level wasn’t instantly the same as the AFL’s.

“He’s seen right through us there,” said Livingstone, “we’d hoped no one had noticed.”

“Obviously, if it’s not exactly the same as the men’s version of the game, we should slink back to the fringes where we’ve always been kept and not bother anyone. Sorry."

When several Twitter users attempted to point out to @Jase089 that watching AFLW wasn’t mandatory, @Jase089 accused them of ‘reverse sexism’, effectively shutting down their criticism with the power of his argument.

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Feb 18, 2018

Wait until he watches the men's hybrid game.


Feb 18, 2018

Boom. Drops mic.

The likes of @jase089 are the reason I’m no longer on Twitter. My status as an intellectual Pygmy was easily exposed.

Timmy La

Feb 18, 2018

Mind you, the Collingwood mens offence aint too pretty either


Feb 18, 2018

Damn! I did a search for @Jase089 and he doesn't exist. I really was hoping this was real.


Feb 18, 2018

That’s okay @Jase089. Watching strong, fit, determined women playing the sport they love, is clearly not for you. Keep voting National.


Feb 18, 2018

Mitzy#Actually I prefer watching women play soccer. Higher level of skill required # not much likelihood of being kicked in the groin


Feb 19, 2018

Geez, what does @Jase089 think of AFLX I wonder?! If he's honest, it looks like it'll be scrapped then.....that's a relief!


Feb 19, 2018

The tribunal hearing are better in the women's game when was the last time someone was charged with a kick in the c***.

Stui magpie

Feb 19, 2018

The last time someone kicked a hawthorn player?

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