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Are we close to peak stupid?

In the AFL, we seem to have entered an exciting phase of people trying to outdo each other for the most stupid act of the year.

Recently, we had Bachar Houli belt someone; a silly act made worse by his legal team thinking getting Waleed Aly and Malcolm Turnbull to provide character references would be a great idea.

This should have won Houli the title for the year, only for the AFL Tribunal to then accept these character references as important.

The stupidity spotlight would not linger there long, with Tom Bugg deciding that the round immediately following that would be a great time to clock Callum Mills.

Boxer Danny Green stepped in at this point and decided that as someone fronting a coward punch campaign, the best thing to do was say there was nothing in Bugg sucker punching Callum Mills, going on to say that Mills obviously ‘doesn’t have a strong chin.’

It was a nice try by Danny, but he hadn’t factored in the AFL’s Head of Diversity, Ali Fahour, who picked up the stupidity baton and ran with it, belting a player in a suburban match.

It had obviously escaped Fahour that in a fortnight where the AFL had dealt with two significant acts of violence on the field, having an AFL executive do the same could be somewhat ‘off-brand’.

Fahour’s act triggered a life ban that ended his career at AFL House.

By this stage, Houli’s original act had been almost forgotten, so in an attempt to win back the title, Houli wrote a Facebook post defending Fahour for belting someone.

I thought this all couldn’t be topped, but then news broke that police had charged former Richmond player Jake King with extortion with threats to kill, making threats to kill, two counts of threats to inflict serious injury and two counts of using a carriage service to harass.

It was revealed that police are investigating if King acted at the request of Box Hill Hawks footballer Ty Vickery in an attempt to recover money from a former business partner.

This bit has yet to be proved, but it just shows you that just when we think we’ve reached peak stupid, the clouds clear and a whole other mountain range is revealed.  

Who knows what heights we can reach in the next few days!

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Pablo 6 July 2017

It was back during the Dons drug thing that i realised that the majority of the AFL and the footy media is populated by complete bell ends.
Nothing has changed since then.
Perhaps the level of stupid is not fixed, it's exponential.

macca 6 July 2017

Titus, it's a pity stupid isn't funny any more. We're fecked. What a pack of deadshits all these people are.
Hopefully, you can find something to laugh about in all this for us.
The podcast mantra 'why so serious' is needed now more than ever!!

MN-S 6 July 2017

Could Danny Green also front a stop being stupid campaign?

Tim 6 July 2017

If Vikery needs King to do his intimidation for him, can we conclude that his days as an enforcer are over? Or is this just why the Tigers never scared anyone?

Rob 6 July 2017

Jake king is a dwarf for a start and has a lisp . His tough stickers wouldn't scare me !

Hollywood Chihuahua 6 July 2017

I thought these guys were doing these extreme acts so you and Serge had content for two podcasts a week. All for a good cause.

Jess 17 July 2017

And then Simon Lethlean and Richard Simkiss decided to get involved in a sex scandal and Gillon McLachlan started banging his head against a brick wall.

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