Feb 02, 2021


Eddie McGuire: No need to thank me for ending racism globally


When historians pinpoint the exact moment racism suffered a mortal blow, it will be 1 February 2021, when the report finding systemic racism at the Collingwood Football Club proved without a shadow of doubt that Collingwood is not a racist club.

The report so exonerated the club that we didn’t even need to utter the word ‘sorry’ in media conference.

It’s a watershed moment that I hope will kick off a conversation free of criticism of Collingwood.

Sure, the report highlighted a few mishaps along the road but as a relative newcomer to the Collingwood Football Club, I’m now in a position of power to fix these things.

Some of the findings are confronting, like the bit that says, “There is a culture of individuals, if not quite being bigger than the club, then at least having an unhealthy ­degree of influence over club culture.’’

I want to assure everyone that I will personally find out the person this is referring to and see them out the door by the end of the year.

In my short time at Collingwood, we’ve taken huge steps in ending racism at the club. Why we have some Asian people playing netball for us and there’s a guy in finance who is from, well, I want to say India, but it could be Sri Lanka or similar. The point is, he counts.

With all I’ve learnt fixing things at Collingwood, it’s time to focus on the broader global issue of racism.

I didn’t ask to lead this global fight, but I’ve had a lot of experience fighting racism as well as helping Indigenous people. Why, I identified extra employment opportunities for Adam Goodes and helped honour Nicky Winmar on The Footy Show.

My experience in this fight goes way back. I rarely mention this, but I grew up poor in Broadmeadows and we even had racism back then.

I’m not expecting any credit for leading this global fight, self-promotion is something I’ve never had any interest.

What I will say is I’m proud of what I’ve done to end racism, with what little influence I have, and there’s no need to thank me, you’re welcome.

My book Cheat: The Not-so-subtle Art of Conning Your Way to Sporting Glory is out now.


stewart mackenzie

Feb 02, 2021

Never forget what Ed did to help get Robbie Muir off the streets and into a channel 9 studio. #Moving #Heartfelt #Touching


Feb 02, 2021

You would want to have a look at the investigation report and whether it was conducted on a professional basis, the evidence was tested and procedural fairness applied, all witness claims are set out and compared, and the findings are based on the undisputed evidence or on the civil onus of proof. Investigations are demanding exercises and that is why they are completed by lawyers very often. I don’t know what happened here.

Sam Newman

Feb 02, 2021

Geez - I've chopped a fair bit of wood on racism as well.... surely I deserve a mention.


Feb 02, 2021

Thank you Eddie. It's time we finally heard some older, white male voices on this issue. Then again you didn't need to act - your incredible track record more than speaks for itself.


Feb 02, 2021

One of your better ones Titus, a classic satire!!!

Grant Ferstat

Feb 02, 2021

Thank you Titus. This is serious satire if that makes sense. Time to leave the house Eddie. Well past time actually.


Feb 02, 2021

Eddie is just another old white male dinosaur who hasn't realised his era of dominance is over, done, finished! The sooner he wanders into irrelevant oblivion to spend his time making old bones the better.

Keith Martine

Feb 02, 2021

Thank you Titus. Gees we've missed you and, Eddie, gee we're not gonna miss you.

I'm so dizzy from all the spin

Feb 02, 2021

It's time to fuck off Teflon Eddie. Time the AFL, Fox, and Nine told him so as well.

jo duncan

Feb 02, 2021

this is funny, id normally laugh, but as a paid up legends member its hard to laugh when your beet red from embarrassment. Im gobsmacked, i thought id seen it all. and as a died in the wool footy fan who knows how the Karma bus works, we are screwed. again. Sorry. its such a little word, just do it!

Dennis the Goat

Feb 02, 2021

Covid or no Covid, can I hug you, Titus.

Stuart Lee

Feb 02, 2021

A historic and proud day? After the report called out the damage control motivation, rather than actually correcting anything, they only even had a presser because there was a leak? Of an investigation concluded 7 weeks ago? Did I read that right? He can't be serious. Although by the colour of his face he must be struggling to keep it straight....

Laurence Duncan

Feb 02, 2021

just a tip Eddie, not sure I would have gone with "...this is a proud day..."

Alex Gosman

Feb 02, 2021

No more as a Carlton supporter will a magpies fan be able to sledge me re john Elliott

Holden Broke

Feb 02, 2021

Sadly, nothing that this crass, insensitive motor-mouthed oik says publicly will ever surprise me, given his track record, but - purely observational stuff - was Fat Eddie more than a bit drunk at the news conference? Does the big purple nose and puffy red cheeks suggest an underlying problem, perhaps?

Roger Baggaley

Feb 02, 2021

Where's the Collingwood sponsors display that's always behind President McGuire when he has a press conference?


Feb 02, 2021

What an obnoxious arsewipe.

Eddie, not Titus, obviously.


Feb 02, 2021

Glad you clarified that Mike!

Son of a Plugger

Feb 02, 2021

Bit harsh, Titus. This person you are alluding to was just being super duper loyal to his beloved footy club. And he only absolved himself of all responsibilities as it would have otherwise reflected poorly on his beloved footy club. It’s a bit like being harshly critical of Roger Stone for his errors when really he was also just being super duper loyal to his beloved team.


Feb 02, 2021

I obviously don’t know Eddy to talk to.But one thing I do know he passionately loves his footy side.And, I imagine would do just about anything for them.

Nils Boyes

Feb 02, 2021

I rarely mention this but I grew up poor in Broadmeadows! It’s his go too line great pick up Titus
He also rarely mentions he’s gonna die rich in Portsea.


Feb 02, 2021

I was missing Trump’s tweets until Eddie’s press conference yesterday.


Feb 02, 2021

Never fails to mention how he came from humble beginnings in Broadmeadows. Just before he hangs shit on people who are less affluent.


Feb 02, 2021

And to think that some people were suggesting Eddie for Labor Party leadership! The last thing we need in any political party is another entitled bully boy with racist and sexist attitudes.


Feb 02, 2021

Is John Clarke back with us? (that's high praise...btw)


Feb 02, 2021

Eddie went off the rails the day he lent his car to Dennis Denuto of the movie The Castle. Inclusiveness never been his strong card

Bruce Harris

Feb 02, 2021

No more as a Carlton supporter will a magpies fan be able to sledge me re john Elliott

Well, I reckon it's a three-way race for worst human being to have an AFL/VFL club presidency: Eddie Mcguire, John Elliott and Jeff Kennett.
Happy to sledge all three clubs' supporters over these three now you have put the idea in my head...

Glenn Mitchell

Feb 02, 2021

At least at Carlton we had the balls to vote John Elliott out. Great piece Titus. And I'm a Broady boy

Shamed Carlton Fan

Feb 02, 2021

I've got over John Elliot and feel some second degree of separation shame at Anthony Pratt's overt support of Tr**p, but I'm still ashamed of the Carlton fans who shouted and gestured streams of abuse at Adam Goodes after his famous goal celebration. The club has worked hard on cultural diversity and inclusiveness since then, but the ease with which the racism beast was released against Adam Goodes can't be ignored.

Peter Lake

Feb 02, 2021

And of course Collingwood is the only football club in the country that is guilty of racism. I do not think so. This is yet another opportunity for the popular press to sink their collective boots into the biggest and most powerful club in the country. Sorry to read that you have joined the fist shakers Titus as I really believed you would have understood the actual situation with the ex-players and their bitterness at being delisted.

indi nile

Feb 03, 2021

@ Peter Lake. The problem is Eddie, and people like you, not the football club per se.


Feb 04, 2021

We really should be blaming Collingwood members
They keep voting him in


Feb 04, 2021

@peterlake You’ve missed the point completely old boy. This is not about any other club, this about Collingwood and how it dealt with its day of reckoning. I don’t blame anyone here except E**ie and the club management structure that keeps putting this inadequate fool up to speak) Other clubs will have to deal with this too, I hope they do better than McGuire has. I find it somewhat ironic that the report found that “some individuals saw themselves as bigger than club” and E**ie has come out and proved true to form once again. The sooner this buffoon is out the game, the sooner the game will be able to move forward

Saint Peter

Feb 16, 2021

Very lazy Titus getting EM to personally write the article. Please do your own work in future. Although I will say it was well written by EM & didn't bring up any surprises. Trump has publicly shown us how the people like EM, John Elliott, ScoMo etc try to influence ordinary people.

blackswamp barracker

Feb 16, 2021

Great piece, Titus. Blood is thicker than water (actually I question that) and for some people apparently that extends to their relationship with their football club. So no matter how appalling its behaviour is, loyalty to it triumphs. I just don't get it. It's like the mother of the convicted serial killer saying her little boy would never do anything like that.