Apr 20, 2021


Nathan Jones is the greatest person who ever lived


In my entire Melbourne Football Club supporting life, there is no player I’ve loved more than Nathan Jones.

During the darkest moments, when it felt like supporting the Dees was a macabre procession of failures, there was Jones on the bottom of a pack trying to will his teammates to show just a modicum of his desire.

With his 300th game on Saturday, Jones represents every Demons supporter who has refused to give up on the club despite countless reason to throw in the towel. Despite it being so incredibly painful for so long.

Consider that in his career, Jones has experienced 100 more losses than wins. In 300 games, he’s not even yet reached 100 career wins. He sits on 98 wins at the moment, compared to 3 draws and 198 losses.

As so often is the case, the statistics don’t represent the lived experience. In those 300 games, Jones has experienced lows so low that they tunnelled through the Earth and came out the other side.

For a lot of those years, there were only lows.

In the whole Mark Neeld era, Jones experienced just five wins, the same number he’s experienced this year alone.

He collected wooden spoons in 2008 and 2009 and had lived through a finals drought so long, NASA managed to build a spaceship and fly it to Pluto before the Dees had managed to make it back to the postseason.

For long stretches of this time, Jones was a lone fighter waiting for the cavalry to arrive.

He would be waiting for an age.

When others didn’t even try, Jones never gave anything less than 100 per cent.

He was like the student in a group assignment doing all the work while the rest drank at the pub.

In that time, Jones would often have to front the media, answering criticism that applied to every single person at the club, except for him.

He’s had eight AFL coaches including three interim coaches, and some of those were coaches that ended player’s careers, not build them.

Jones had to put up with us fans despairing and venting.

I’ve met Jones briefly twice. He said to me the first time I met him, ‘You’ve given us a lot of criticism over the years.’

I felt nothing but shame but pointed out I’d never criticised him, and it had just been awful for the longest time.

He looked down and said, ‘yeah it has.’

There have been more talented players at Melbourne in my lifetime, more celebrated players, but no other player comes close in terms of character, of pure unadulterated competitiveness.

I want the Dees to win a premiership more for him than for me, it would be the ultimate karma payoff.

But footy doesn’t always reward the most deserving, often the opposite.

Yet a premiership would tell you nothing about Nathan Jones. He’s been a leader when it was hardest. He’s never complained, never chased a better, easier opportunity.

He’s the heart and soul of the club and has been the one shining light in the darkest of nights.

No matter what happens for the rest of his career, Jones legacy is secure.

He’s everything good about football and I absolutely love him.  

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Grant Watkins

Apr 20, 2021

Brilliantly written Titus - Jones is a true Melbourne & AFL Legend!

Genny Nunan

Apr 20, 2021

I agree totally. I remember when Nate first came to Melbourne thinking AT LAST we've got a gutsy, never give in sort of guy who will make all the difference. It's taken a long time, but he is an absolute hero and I love him.

Ken Cooper

Apr 20, 2021

So very well said Titus! Jonesy stuck when many wouldn't have. Had he had the higher profile of some other mid fielders in teams that won more he would be widely respected by the greater football community. We who have suffered with him wish him the best - and going out on a Premiership is nothing less than he deserves. Go Dees!

Christopher mclean

Apr 20, 2021

I couldn't agree more. There has been no better servant at the club in my lifetime abd he has always given 110% percent. Never been in the news for the wrong reasons a true melbernian.
Best of luck Saturday night for your 300th.

Grumpy Halfcat

Apr 20, 2021

I was there at K Park the day we kicked that record score and Jones was literally the only Demon having a crack. They really need to name something after him in the board room or the players change area so his spirit is never allowed to be forgotten

Brenton Sneath

Apr 20, 2021

Well written and couldn’t agree more.
Jones is a legend, let’s hope he and his coach who is one of the greatest guys you could ever met win the flag.

This coming from a Pies supporter.
Go Dee’s, be gentle with us on the Queen’s birthday game.

David Holmes

Apr 20, 2021

Love it!
A true story of a hero in a nightmare drama that may well come with a fairytale ending yet. I hope so.
Go Dees ... Go Jonesy ... have a brilliant 300th.

John Russell

Apr 20, 2021

Well said Titus Jonsey is a great demon player. I remember seeing Melbourne win 4 Flags the last in 64, back then i rarely saw them loose under Norm Smith and remember crying when i saw them loose on the rare occasion. Melbourne has never been nearly as competitive since the Smith days with only 2 GF appearances since both thrashings (John Northey and Neil D). Without getting ahead of ourselves there is real potential for a good crack this year and it would be a fitting send off for our great Nathan Jones . Go Dees

Hayden Kelly

Apr 20, 2021

Great read Titus and from a Bulldogs supporter who has always admired Jones from afar ,you are spot on .

Mary Kiernan

Apr 20, 2021

No, he’s not! Chris Grant is.


Apr 20, 2021

Brilliant piece, Titus. Couldn't agree more - certified legend of the club providing the only glimmer of hope for us Dees fans in very dark days. A win for his 300th and a 2021 Premiership are only a fraction of what he deserves for his loyal service.

Bellow & Yack

Apr 20, 2021

as a Tigers supporter I have watched Jones throughout his career and (prior to 2017) wished we could have a player like him. I loved him when he played other sides, loathed him when he played us, and for the same reasons on both counts. His relentless effort, toughness, leadership and skill. He's been a big fish in a small pond at Melbourne. But would have been a behemoth anywhere else

harpo Harper

Apr 20, 2021

well written Titus I hope the Dees win the flag , and I am a bombers supporter

sorry about 2000

Anthony J Browne

Apr 20, 2021

I am a Carlton supporter, do not know if Nathan but love your description him. He must be a true believer and I thank you for pointing him out.

Richard Armstrong

Apr 20, 2021

Agree absolutely Titus and thank you for penning this tribute to our greatest servant. Melbourne Football Club is the world's oldest professional club of any football code. Yet it's an understatement to observe a shameful disappointment that our Club has failed to develop and retain any leaders of Jones' calibre - who place love of Club and duty to serve (second only to family) ahead of the success and riches that may have come elsewhere. He is one of only a handful of people around today (if that -maybe Daisy) capable of being the beacon that young supporters and junior players can look to as they seek inspiration to guide their own performances and behaviours. He's never given anything less than 100% on the field but, as a leader, his ability to kick the captain's goal to press for victory is, for me, the measure of his greatness. In painfully short supply, our leaders like Nathan Jones must be cherished.
Congratulations Jonesy and looking forward to more success for you and the Dees

Peter Bayliss

Apr 20, 2021

Totally agree Titus. I'm a Shinboner and have ALWAYS admired the way Jones has played, held himself on and off the field. A rare person indeed.

Margaret Smith

Apr 20, 2021

Thankyou Titus for your wonderful words about Nathan Jones. I'm a bit worried though - will you pay for me to have my computer repaired? - it's covered in tears and I'm sure computers don't like salty water.
I've watched Nathan's entire career, hoping always that he would not be tempted to leave.
Hopefully his 300th game will be memorable in every way!

Harry Quick

Apr 20, 2021

Nearing my 80th birthday and being able to remember those glory days of the "Redlegs". Still a member now residing in Tasmania. Nathan Jones has entered the pantheon of greatest Melbourne players!


Apr 20, 2021

The roar after goal he kicked in the Geelong Elimination final 2018. That was the moment he probably said it was all worth while.

Fi Hobson

Apr 20, 2021

Titus....you make me laugh, and now officially cry. Beautifully written and so deserving of one who is probably one of the greatest humans to pull on the red and blue jumper. Heart, soul and warrior of our club. ❤️💙


Apr 20, 2021

Spot on, Titus.
I have seen a few with enormous ticker over my 45+ years following this club (Junior McDonald not being the least of them) but I do believe you're right. Chunk has, in my humble opinion, surpassed them all.
Congratulations on a brilliantly written love letter from all of us true believers to the man of the moment. Nay, the man of this generation.


Apr 20, 2021

Him and Robbie Flower


Apr 20, 2021

Wonderful piece and I hope Nathan has a win this weekend

Stephen Cordner

Apr 20, 2021

Really well put Titus. The physical courage of AFL footballers inspires awe - and none more than Nathan Jones, especially in those dark cellar-dwelling days. And I like the thought about him representing the supporters who also have not thrown in the towel journeying along the parallel path, watching. I hope he gets to read your piece.


Apr 20, 2021

A well written, and entirely deserving, tribute Titus.
Good Luck on Saturday night Jonesy.


Apr 20, 2021

Titus you have summed up Jonesy's career and magnificent contribution to our club in a perfect way. I hope he goes onto break David Neitz's record this year.
No other player has gone through so many highs and lows with the Melbourne Football Club than Nathan. We stalwart supporters have ridden along with his career and been able to walk away from the criticisms of the club without suffering anything more than a sinking feeling. Nathan has had to wear the criticisms week after week, year after year and has stayed strong throughout which cannot have been easy and a drain on his mental capacity. Losing the Melbourne Captaincy must have been hard to take also.
I am so happy that he had a great coach when his career began with Neil Daniher. I am sure Neil has had a huge influence on his never give up attitude and how he has conducted himself throughout the tumultuous years under some pretty ordinary coaches and dare I say it players.
His dedication to the team has been inspirational and I am sure has rubbed off on our players now. His never give up attitude and love of the club is one reason we are 5 and O now.
So congratulations Nathan on reaching 300 games. I hope this year we can pay you back with playing finals games and the ultimate prize of a Premiership Cup.

The g train

Apr 20, 2021

Yep. Nathan Jones is one of those rare sportsmen where the tattoos match his toughness. NO ONE would have blamed him if he left seasons ago seeking greener pastures. Just really hope he was, and remains, well compensated for all the miserable seasons he had to endure.

But gotta say, Titus, that to write Jones is the “greatest person who ever lived” is a little over the top. Perhaps top 10–and even then slightly below Plugger.


Apr 20, 2021

Absolutely agree. I'm a North fan, but never seen a more dedicated, resilient player than Nathan Jones. He's carried that team for well over a decade

Hazelie Robinson

Apr 20, 2021

That is so true he is an absolute legend and has always given everything he has to the Red and Blue, and he deserves to play finals and a premiership Good Luck Nathan Melbourne Football Club supporters salute you

True Believer

Apr 20, 2021

So well said Titus.. Nathan is a wonderful, dedicated, loyal and loved captain/player of the MFC.
A magnificent acheivement of 300 games ... and being able to share in a fantastic start to 2021 season.
Hoping he can achieve more games to become a leader in another way.
Thankyou for staying loyal to the club, after our up and downs years.
Love you JonesyXXXX

Maree Fordham

Apr 20, 2021

My thoughts as well. I saw his first game in the red and blue and hope to be at his last, when he decides to hang up his boots. He has Always been my favourite player. Congratulations Chunk!❤️💙


Apr 20, 2021

Lovely tribute Titus. Here's one I did in 2017 and includes some great photos. The song lyrics don't really fit, but hey, it's a song about someone called Nathan Jones!

Liam Lenten

Apr 20, 2021

"But footy doesn’t always reward the most deserving, often the opposite".

...would have been even funnier if you'd added "Just ask Hawthorn fans!" at the end.

And this, from a Hawthorn fan.

Tony Robb

Apr 20, 2021

Heard Jones on RSN this morning saying that the ANZAC weekend game was the his highlight of the football calendar. Well it was hardly going to be grand Final day

Big Steve

Apr 20, 2021

I read the accolades above with some surprise.
Surprise at such universal praise from even the opposition...Wow!
So as a Demons supporter I need to bring us all back to earth a wee bit.
No-one, other than maybe Jack Viney & Clayton Oliver, has such tenacity at attacking the ball as NJ.
I hold my breath for him when he jumps in front of another player no matter how large to scoop up or fight for the ball.
He is a true Demons hero.
But the stats. don't enable the hero worship to continue from that point on.
Way, way too often Jonesey does a beautiful handpass, or a magnificent little stab punt.........straight to the other side.
My dentist says I grind my back teeth way too much.
I'm sure watching NJ makes me do it the most!
How can a man who is otherwise my hero do this to me/us?
I luv the guy, I despair of the guy!
There has been much less of these heartbreaks so far this season ...but in 2019 & 2020???
Sometimes I felt he'd worn the wrong jumper.
That said, no-one can deny his courage & loyalty so I'll barrack for him loud & clear.
Hey, even Jesus had faults!

Two dogs

Apr 20, 2021

That Titus is Flanagan-esque wordsmithing , written beautifully from the heart and will resonate with every Demon supporter , thank you , I will sign up to your link immediately .


Apr 20, 2021

Jonesy is a legend. The heart of a lion. He’s the type of bloke you want besides you in any battle.
Loyal. Tough. Resilient.
A Captain. A multiple Best and Fairest winner.
Congrats on your 300. A Demons champion.

Kelly Robinson

Apr 20, 2021

I want the premiership for Nathan way more than for me and boy do I want it! When I felt like giving up I looked at Nathan in the trenches and thought how can I! He is our red and blue warrior and we are bringing our 90yr old Dad on Saturday so we can honour the great man! Go hard Dees on Saturday !!!


Apr 20, 2021

Beautiful epistle to the Dees finest son- yes there have been multiple Premiership stars and wondrously talented players but none so resolute through truly wretched times- not just a great competitor and player but above all a star human being

WA Bogan

Apr 20, 2021

As a Hawks fan until recently the Demons were merely of nuisance value, or there to justify my feeling of schadenfreude.
Now that we're playing like Melbourne have played for the past few decades I am beginning to understand. I think it's known as emperfy? In that time however I've always admired Nathan Jones and his never say die attitude - as Churchill said "when you're going through hell, don't stop". Congratulations


Apr 20, 2021

I became a member of the MCC/MFC in October 1949. I am now an old man dreaming of the glory days BUT never in all those years have I seen a player with the guts and genuine love of the game as NJ

Nathan Jones embodies everything that should be said of a top 10 AFL/VFL player in the history of the Fuschias/Demons

Well done and I wish him everything for him and his familiy's future

Onya Nathan!


Apr 20, 2021

I am a Port Adelaide supporter and have been for over 70 years.
Nathan is the epitome of the type of player we value most. We may not win every game we play but we DO value a player who gives his all no matter what the state of the game.
Well done Nathan.


Apr 20, 2021

As a Swans fan, I would like to add to the chorus of admiration for this Melbourne FC stalwart. Nathan Jones has been stalwart, loyal and inspirational through years of unrewarded toil. He is lion-hearted and a model of what is hoped for of every football player - the give it your all and never give up spirit. He reminds me of Boxer in Animal Farm but I hope he gets the happier ending he deserves. I'll happily root for the Dees to win the flag this year since I don't think we're quite ready.

Geoff Ossie

Apr 20, 2021

My mate Mizzi is a Dees supporter ,he was shattered when Frosty was shown the door but has Nate Jones face tattooed on his calf muscle,he'll be crying tears of joy when Nate runs out for his 300th game of blood ,sweat and tears

Judy Haynes

Apr 20, 2021

I love him too, Titus.

Keith Turner

Apr 20, 2021

Couldn't have expressed it better Titus. Most seasons are the same where you play a number of bottom clubs and expect an "easy" win" so to speak, but there're are always a couple players in each of those bottom clubs that always fight, push & shove more than most in those situations. I'm not suggesting there're any players who don't put in when they're wearing the jumper, but some just have that extra ooomph (this could be a non word in the English language, but is apt sometimes) when the chips are down.

As an Adelaide supporter we've had our share of fighters, but for me, Nathan Jones stands out not just because he puts in 127% every time (I'm over 110%) but he's done it for so long as pointed out by you Titus.

Surely an inspiration for any budding footballer.

Fe Dexter

Apr 20, 2021

I couldn't agree more Titus!
Loved him for as long as I can remember - the football world could learn a lot from this loyal, warrior. He is represents everything a grwat sportsman should 💙❤ 🔥 2❣

Halton David

Apr 20, 2021

Melbourne have had great players in my lifetime, 1942. Nathan Jones would be in the top 10. There was only one (1) other player who would go where angles feared thread besides Nathan, we all know who that was; Ronald Dale. It is very obvious the umpires never seen him play! Never received any Brownlow votes, when he used to go in and get it.


Apr 20, 2021

Brilliant stuff. As an Eagles fan, I probably wouldn't even boo him, so there you go.


Apr 20, 2021

Not a patch on Kade Simpson, probably only experienced 40 wins in 360 games.


Apr 20, 2021

Sooo well said Titus!! My exact sentiments. Nathan Jones has never given less than 100%, no matter what scoreboard showed. He was our saving light over many years. Congratulations Nathan!!!

Susan Farr

Apr 20, 2021

Beautiful tribute to our champion Jonesy, you speak for all the Demon faithful Titus. 💙❤️


Apr 20, 2021

What an example on how to live your life.
And even better two future half forward flankers on the way who are twins!
“The race doesn’t always go to the swift and the strong. But that is the way to bet”.
Thanks Jonesy. The best Demon,(with Robbie Flower) in my 69 year lifetime.


Apr 20, 2021

In the darkest of times.... Jones has been pur shinning light. I have never heard him say a bad word about our club... and he's had reason to. He has always shown leadership and been a leader that gets in and gets on with it. Still as tough as they come and in the first 2 quarters last week I saw he had not given up and saw how he brought the players together to keep trying.

Gil Gipps

Apr 20, 2021

Titus people my age said the same when we watched Robby Flower . Week after week he glided around the wing , spearing the ball forward only to watch it dropped and returned . He truly never got to achieve what he deserved but maybe Nathan will . He also is a true Demon.

Noel Halford

Apr 20, 2021

Without Nathan Jones and Robert Flower before him it would have been almost impossible to endure so many of those dark years.
I am just willing the Melbourne group to go hard for a true champion of the club.
If he has been able to instil the same level of competitiveness into those around him it will be a fitting highlight of a magnificent career.
Well done Nathan.

John Stewart

Apr 20, 2021

Lump in my throat, tear in my eye, pride in my heart...I bloody love Nathan Jones and consider him to be my player, the player that I want to watch, to support, to honour as the greatest Melbourne player I have every seen. True guts, true spirit truly a Demon!
Great article well done


Apr 20, 2021

A ball of muscle and a heart of gold, allowed pride when we walked through the valley of he'll. BUt my favourite moment was the inaugural AFLW advertisement holding his daughter. You could tell it was genuine. Here was a perfect example of a man, tough with world and soft with the family. What a brilliant human.

Christopher Cooper

Apr 20, 2021

What are the odds on offer from Sportsbet for the feature 2021 double of a NJ Norm Smith medal and the Nobel prize for literature to T o'R ?

A fitting tribute beautifully written.

Nigel Dawe

Apr 20, 2021

Having stayed loyal to the world’s oldest footy club through thick ‘n thin for a good four decades now, I never thought anyone would ever rival the haloed place Robbie Flower & Jim Stynes occupy in my deepest heart of hearts - but Nathan Jones lines up alongside these two immortal Metropolitans with all the magic & aura of mystique that only the truly great possess. Simon Sinek once said: “Champions are not the ones who always win...champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time.” & as such, this Saturday night will be the 300th time Nathan Jones proves that he has the unbeatable heart, conviction & qualities of an all time champion.

Gary McRae

Apr 20, 2021

I'm a Dockers supporter and we feel Melbourne's pain but not for as long.
In Melbourne's darkest days in recent years one player has given his all for his club. He is a heart and sole player and deserves all the respect and accolades he receives. Go the demons and repay just a little to Nathan Jones.


Apr 20, 2021

True legend of the red and blue. If a fairytale is ever deserved, 2021 would be fitting for Chunk. Great article Titus.

Mikey Griffiths

Apr 20, 2021

Great article - No 2 is the only number I've or ever will wear on the back of a shirt as he more or less solely (from a footy point of view) about got me through some very dark years

James Thompson

Apr 20, 2021

Beautifully written Titus
A big red and blue heart beats in Nate Jones chest
Love the man

William Lyall

Apr 20, 2021

I reckon you’ve captured the feeling of many, if not all Demon supporters
Well done

Finals Footy

Apr 20, 2021

Oooh, 'postseason'....yuk!

Darren J Ray

Apr 20, 2021

I'm pressing on the 'love' button.

Beautifully written, Titus.

Demon Dreamer

Apr 21, 2021

So well put Titus! It has me reevaluating Jones and increasing my respect for him. Thanks.

And I love what supporters of other clubs have said about him.


Apr 21, 2021

I am born and bred Collingwood. Forced by ancient zoning to play for Fitzroy FC. Hate all teams but Magpies
Love footy. Am filled with awe and admiration for True Demon Jones, and all the Jones' who stay TRUE in the shifty and shiftless modern game.


Apr 21, 2021

And no one has even mentioned the tatts

Anthony nicholl

Apr 21, 2021

Robert Flower, jim stynes and Nathan Jones. Ability and loyalty. Pride and dignity. One club each of them. Makes us love the Dees.


Apr 21, 2021

I watched NJ play u15 football - he was leader back then - a super talent but more he gave every ounce of himself. A standout in an an era of mediocrity.


Apr 21, 2021

Great post. Heart and soul of the club for so many awful years. Go Dees.


Apr 21, 2021

I remember seeing NJ first playing for Melbourne. Time and time again emerging from a pack with a determined smile. I thought then "this kid has got some ticker". That ticker never wavered through out many long dark times but watching him play gave me hope. Well done Nathan you're a legend!

Dave Cleaver

Apr 22, 2021

Sadly, very sadly, l agree with everything you say of our Demons darkest days. However l do agree totally with every thing you say to describe “ Chunk”. All the superlatives you used are on the money, but to me his great acclaim and the stoic image he has left me with, would be seen in the countless photos of the team trudging off the ground after another defeat, some humiliating, but with his head held high. Beaten but never conquered. Melbourne Legend. 💙❤️💙❤️💙

Jacqui Parry

Apr 22, 2021

You have written with great honesty and humility about our Jonesy, Tow Ball, Chunk, O Captain Our Captain, our Skipper, Captain Grumpy- and he does indeed have the heart of a Lion!!! But let us not forget that his loyalty and endurance has cost him- just ask the surgeon who worked on his spine. And Titus do not hang your head in shame because you are not the only one who has criticised. One of my most vivid memories of Nathan is at a Player Sponsor function at which a lovely mum of a little Dee complained about the inappropriateness of the food served at a function for the little ones. Perhaps a fair assessment but one would not have thought within the remit of the Captain of the senior men’s side, but to his credit Nathan listened patiently, despite the fact that it had been a dirty day for the Dees. The lady was fierce but Nathan did not bite back, he listened patiently, he faithfully undertook to pass the criticism on to those who could do better next time. This tirade would have shaken most folks and afterwards I asked if he was OK. “Yes” he muttered and we moved on but I left in awe of his capacity to absorb what would anger most. Emotional endurance unmatched.

The other side of Chunk that I have loved is his devotion to family- his lovely wife and angelic children- and his brother Zac whom he clearly adores. Seeing him in the crowd at the SCG cheering his brother on. Luckily there have been few opportunities for the brothers Jones to flog one another and I am grateful for that.

I wish you Nathan all the best for your milestone 300th game, and every game thereafter. But most of all Nathan I wish you a safe and happy future because your calling is as a dad, a brother, a son, a grandson, a husband, a team mate, friend and mentor of Dees far and wide. We look forward to the future you map out with your family and the contribution you make to your community inside and beyond footy- bless!!


Apr 23, 2021

Wonderful tribute to my favourite ever Dees player from this diehard Port supporter. He does indeed exemplify everything that is good about the game we all love. I hope the Dees crush the Tigers tomorrow night. Never forget Jones, and this hen sidekick Bernie Vince, win a die-in-the-mud one point victory at Adelaide Oval in a torrential downpour against a then high-flying Crows outfit. a few years back. He just would not give in and we were all cheering like mad when the Dees fell over the line.


Apr 23, 2021

Telling one of the greatest team players ever that when you criticised the team he loves, you weren't criticising him: Classy move.

Jacqui Parry

Apr 25, 2021

......and we won the game!!!!

What better way to celebrate a big milestone game? The whole team- the whole staff- the Demon Army and supporters all put in for Nathan and his family what a great evening!!! 😻🔥😻

Let’s also not forget that Dustin Martin celebrated his 250th, Angus Brayshaw and Daniel Rioli their 100th games.

Not surprised there was so much confusion at the medal presentation - it must have been tough to split Christian Salem and Christian Salem . Personally I would have awarded the medal to both lads and just awarded it to “The Christians”.

It was a very hard fought game and neither side took any prisoners- I wonder what Checker would have made of the game.

But I really want to know the name and background of the woman who rode that beautiful horse sidesaddle around the G - and no less - carrying the torch. I have only ridden a horse very few times in my lif life but even I can see how hard that was. Who was she and what is her story??

Alan Najdek

Sep 11, 2021

I am a devout pie and I have always had great respect and admiration for Jones he reminds me a lot of Scotty burns with the way he went about it...players like that are the reason I love this game so bloody much...I truly hope the dees get up and win the bloody thing...


Sep 15, 2021

- Life is 10 percent what happens to you, and 90 percent how you deal with it.