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Pendlebury/Selwood Crisis enters fourth day

The Pendlebury/Selwood crisis enveloping the AFL has entered its fourth day with further analysis of the players’ post-siren verbal altercation.

The incident saw the two AFL stars briefly sledging each other before shaking hands.

So serious was the incident, that the Melbourne media have devoted four days of coverage to it.

“This is obviously a huge story,” said a senior producer who asked to remain anonymous.

“We have several teams working around the clock on it and have a big feature planned for the week anniversary of the incident.”

Footy fan and Cats supporter Sara Humphries said everyone remembers where they were when the incident occur.

“It feels like we all lost our innocence that day and nothing will be the same again. I’m finding it hard to concentrate at work and instead I’m just trying to keep up with developments.”

Both Selwood and Pendlebury have explained the incident in detail and how little there was in it, intensifying coverage.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has rejected suggestions to delay round seven in response to the incident.  

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Not Robbo 3 May 2017

Not even the controversary of serial offender Caleb Daniel biting his lip to draw blood so it looked like all round good guy and reknown choir boy Toby Greene had punched him could take the focus off Pendlewoodgate.

Forever etched in the psyche of footy fans. #thebigissues

Also Not Robbo 3 May 2017

I heard the two were discussing giving poisoned milk to school children

Most likely not Robbo but can't be sure 3 May 2017

Fairly certain Pendlebury was in the car Selwood overtook when caught speeding and dobbed him in.

Possibly Robbo, Definitely Drunk 3 May 2017

Life will never be the same. Barassi to Carlton, The Carey Affair and the Essendon drugs scandal are all child plays compared to this #7SecondsOfMadness

A mate of mine thinks his Robbo 3 May 2017

I can't comment, I didn't see it . Just wanted to join in on where's ribbon ?

Shocked & Stunned 3 May 2017

Still cannot believe the umpires didn't step in. These players are role models. Somebody should have done something.

The guy you owe a tshirt from 4 week ago 3 May 2017

We need a dedicated second fox footy channel to broadcast all latest developments

Rob O 3 May 2017

Disgusting that these two men can blatantly engage in this kind of disgusting behaviour on prime time television. To make matters worse my wife had a nervous breakdown as she saw the whole thing unfold right before her eyes and I caught my son's renacticting the incident and then absurdly shaking hands..
Never again will I have the television turned to an AFL game that Selwood or Pendlebury are playing in. This includes travel commercials!

China Footy Fan 3 May 2017

I heard it was because he accidentally called him Patrick...

GoToigs 4 May 2017

....more likely said "you're not Patrick"

Vic Parkes 3 May 2017

I'm sure it was about Selwood's lack of blood/bandage/concussion and how embarrassed he was to be finishing a (losing) game with none of them. Pendles was just offering to give him a few of the abovementioned when the siren went. There's nothing wrong with that.

The big picture 3 May 2017

Will nobody thinkof the kids?

Not Caro 3 May 2017

Will this incident become a full feature movie before or after the Goddard trilogy?

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