Oct 04, 2017


Richmond fan starting to believe Tigers can win Premiership


Five days after the Grand Final, long time Richmond fan Jennifer Dixon said she is starting to believe her Tigers can win the 2017 premiership.

“After going to the game on Saturday, and watching the replay 37 times, I am now willing to concede we are in with a real chance,” said Jennifer, as she pressed play on the replay again.

“This doesn’t look good though,” said Jennifer, as the Crows go two goals up in the first quarter on the replay.

Jennifer’s husband Simon, a Hawthorn fan, said he thought living with a losing Tigers fan was bad but this could be worse.

“I started telling her during the third quarter they were home but it’s Wednesday now and she keeps saying ‘I’ll be sure when we’ve got more of a buffer’”.

“Not to mention she yells ‘Yellow and Black’ intermittently throughout the day and night like a threat. It’s….”

Yelling from the lounge room interrupts Simon’s train of thought. Jennifer screams out “Houli’s dominating!” followed by clapping and maniacal laughter.

“He’s going to win the Norm Smith!”

“It’s going to be a long offseason,” sighs Simon, pouring a disturbingly large tumbler of whiskey, “and my Hawks are now the basket case off the field. What’s gone wrong with this world?”

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Bloke from the outer

Oct 03, 2017

Did the Tigers win? I've woken up every morning expecting it to be a dream. Is pinching oneself a proven scientific theory. Is their a multiverse where Richmond didn't win? The 37th replay did seem to suggest that they won. I might need to watch it a few more times though - just to be sure of course.

Paul R Hom

Sep 26, 2018

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