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Titus' failed pilot highlights

Here's my failed pilot for Fox Footy. Even though it crashed and burned like a Melbourne Football Club rebuild, I thought I'd share it with you partly because nothing says Valentine's Day like a failure. Anyway hope you get a laugh, either at the video, my failure or both.

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Jason Powell 14 February 2017

You're right. Not great.

Youre written stuff is brilliant.

The humour here is not the same as use in your written stuff.

If you were to do TV. Dress up, costume , go in character and go dry

Jackson Landy 14 February 2017

I agree, we love Titus' usual non-scripted humour on the Variety Hour, not this uniform scripted format

Tim 14 February 2017

Love it! Plenty of laughs and I like the live audience. Too bad it failed although I don't have Fox. The bits they played on channel 7 didn't work. I like the pilot format

Macca 14 February 2017

Gee Titus, it's all making sense. Seeing you in the flesh explains a lot.
The lonely nights, dependence on whiskey, unwillingness to go out...
But anyway, chin up, it wasn't that bad.
I even chuckled a bit.

Cards 14 February 2017

Titus, you and Neeld do have a resemblance...

Matt 14 February 2017

This is on par if not funnier than anything Bounce has done.

Tony Tea 14 February 2017

To be fair, stepping in dog shit is funnier than Bounce.

Clint 14 February 2017

Would love to see you standing in a bar, Trevor Marmalade style, on the Footy Show, delivering all your witty one liners! That show crumbled without him!

AFL 720 14 February 2017

What was wrong with that?!?

Philippa 14 February 2017

Funny, funny, funnier if Americans followed Aussie rules you'd rule SNL

Paul Barber 14 February 2017

Can't see why it failed

Mick 14 February 2017

Needs more blokes in dresses. That stuff's timeless.

Mark Nicholas 15 February 2017

Great effort, if that was a weekly 5 min spot running at half time, I'd take it over Brian Taylor's daft interpretation of stats...

Carolyn 15 February 2017

Being in the audience was fun and meeting Titus and sharing a drink after was even better.

Mike 15 February 2017

Prose like He-Man, voice like Skeletor.


Sean 15 February 2017

I thought it was fine but then I think reality TV is garbage so what would I know?

Polymick 17 February 2017

If I had a terminal illness I would watch Bounce it makes the time go so so slowly

Paul curtain 17 February 2017

Best thing I have seen on fox for years and I rate fox. Don't give up Titus we need you.

Carol 27 February 2017

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Chris 28 February 2017

Its about 7000 times funnier than anything else on Fox Footy.

How many do we need for our petition?

Chris 28 February 2017

Its about 7000 times funnier than anything else on Fox Footy.

How many do we need for our petition?

mistere 2 March 2017

Well done Chris your spam is riviting!

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