Oct 17, 2018


Another article praising the Australian Cricket Team for behaving like normal people

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In the darkest days of Australia’s history, when a 25-year-old rubbed a piece of sandpaper against a leather ball, I thought we could never love cricket again. 

Those dark days sure put in perspective previous events like when the Japanese threatened our shores in early 1942.

It’s why we must heap praise on our current side for lifting us out of those dark times by not behaving like awful people all the time.

This is a huge break from the previous tradition, where Australia’s national cricket side behaved like the worst Contiki Tour ever assembled. 

Reaching it ultimate distillation in David Warner, these were groups of people you would move suburbs to avoid.

Now, our current team, led by Captain Tim Paine, are been showered with compliments for displaying sportsmanship and normal human decency.

This is only fair and reiterates my long-held view that your ultimate aim in life should be to follow people who have lowered the bar to the point that not actively going out of your way to be awful gets you held up as some sort of hero.

So, I would like to add my praise to the current team and long may behaving like the vast majority of us do have you talked up as some modern-day saint.

As long as you win, otherwise go back to the old ways.

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Merrilyn Giacopelli

Nov 14, 2018

Dear Titus,
Just finished your book ‘A sporting chance’. Thoroughly enjoyed - especially the sporting facts ( boxing/ racing ).
Total agree re all other observations.
Thank you for putting it out there.
I am not alone with my thoughts ‘boys club, sporting hero’s, protected species’ .
Change is happening at last.
Hopefully one Sunday I’ll find more than one token story of a female athlete/women’s team in the Herald Sun sport section ( & not just a story of a filly running at Flemmington). Totally male dominated.
Our current men’s cricket team are doing a fantastic job. They are young, evolving & playing under extreme scrutiny & criticism with dignity & dedication to playing their sport to the best of their abilities.
I wish our commentators would just take note of ‘ if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all ‘ .

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