Mar 11, 2021


The Variety Hour: Rioli, Cam Smith and Vasectomy Mayhem


Titus and Sergio discuss the Willie Rioli decision, Cam Smith's retirement and the spike in vasectomies linked to sporting events.

Titus' Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show 'Reflections of a Sporting Tragic' is on sale now: 


Goaty McGoatface

Mar 11, 2021's not just craft beer drinkers who are in shock after Sergio's revelations...

Budweiser (the US beer) is VB that's already been recycled once... I would avoid it even if I was offered $12.65 to drink it...

jennifer del prete

Mar 12, 2021

I would like to know where Cam Smith’s jawline went in his statue


May 01, 2021


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