Sep 11, 2017


Titus and Sergio's Variety Hour: Finals, Finals and more Finals


Titus and Sergio discuss week one in the AFL Finals, Port's spectacular exit and the small NRL crowds.

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Sep 11, 2017

The Swan Brewery got demolished for its real estate. Brewing of the WA brands Swan Draught (a lager) and the Emu's (Export, Bitter) is now done at the South Australian Brewing Company (West End).
The brand Swan Lager was discontinued sometime in the 90's.
Swan Draught is still one of the most visible beers at Lion contracted pubs. Pretty sure it has the biggest spice of the state beer market.
In regards to standard Australian mega-swill, Swan is certainly better than Carlton, XXXX and Tooheys. Emu Export even better despite the stigma.


Sep 14, 2017

They stopped making Swan Lager in the late nineties.
It was replaced with Swan Mid straight after. The old Swan Lager was actually a pretty good drop.
Emu Bitter is still around, not sure about Emu Export.

Perry Nichols

Oct 17, 2018

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