Jul 30, 2018


The Variety Hour: Carlton win, Ballarat and no alcohol

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Titus and Sergio discuss Carlton winning a game of footy, the darkness in Ballarat and the Dees giving up alcohol.

Titus has a new live show ‘Manifestly Inadequate’and new dates to announce.

They are his traditional bye round tour wrapping up the 2018 season and previewing the finals.

The dates are:

4 August- Hobart

27 August- Canberra

29 August- Perth

31 August- Sydney

1 September- Melbourne

2 September- Adelaide

5 September- Brisbane

Ticket available here: http://www.frontiercomedy.com/titusoreily

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Bloke from the Outer

Jul 30, 2018

Nah, Titus many of us live in a very similar world - I cannot imagine watching BT get his gear off - uggghhh!