Aug 07, 2018


The Variety Hour: Gaff, goal reviews and good footy


Titus and Sergio discuss the Andrew Gaff incident, the continual disaster that is the AFL's goal review system and the game being in excellent shape.

Titus has a new live show ‘Manifestly Inadequate’and new dates to announce.

They are his traditional bye round tour wrapping up the 2018 season and previewing the finals.

The dates are:

4 August- Hobart

27 August- Canberra

29 August- Perth

31 August- Sydney

1 September- Melbourne

2 September- Adelaide

5 September- Brisbane

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Elizabeth Lendrum

Aug 07, 2018

I hear a familiar refrain around the Andrew Gaff punch to Brayshaw. “It’s out of character, he’s a good bloke, they’re all good mates, a brain fade”. He’s an AFL footballer and the blokey culture is rallying to defend and protect him. After all it would be terrible if he missed a match or the finals. Well these things don’t just happen. People don’t have an “out of character brain fade” that causes them to visciously assault someone. Let’s translate this to a domestic violence situation. How often have we heard they were such a lovely family or that familiar refrain, “I’m not usually violent, I really love him/her. The truth is it’s not out of character.” Well the AFL with its fondness for political stands needs to make a statement on this one, that there is no rationale or excuse for this violence and being a talented footballer or enjoying some celebrity doesn’t give you a pass. Let’s not feel sorry for the “momentary out of character lapse” these are the actions that kill people and a message needs to be sent that there is no position or circumstance where this violence can be excused or tolerated. Our young men and women are watching and the AFL needs to demonstrate more than lip service to the question of violence.

Michael Croy

Aug 07, 2018

Elizabeth.. you need to watch the vision of Brayshaw, while 100m off the ball trying 3 times to stop Gaff getting to the play, in frustration on the 3rd block Brayshaw made on Gaff, Gaff threw a horizontal arm aimed at Brayshaw chest so that he/Gaff could run towards the play. At that same instant Brayshaw changed direction by dropping his knees. Gaffs horizontal arm swing therefore, very unfortunately, hit Brayshaw in the lower jaw instead of his chest. Yes, a tragic result that Gaff greatly regrets.
What the AFL needs to do is wipe out gut punches, chest punches, back punches and side of the body punches .. so called “shows of strength”.. these actions are infantile and an embarrassment to our national game.
The AFL also needs to get umpires to put a stop to players being impeded when not close to the ball. If the umpires had been doing their job Brayshaw would have been penalised the first time he impeded Gaff 100m from the ball.


Aug 07, 2018

Well said and I totally agree with you Elizabeth. Gaff threw the punch so it is most definitely in his character otherwise the punch would not have occurred. Just because this has not occurred before does not make it out of character. There’s a first for everything. And my understanding of the act of ‘punching’ in the first place is to indeed inflict pain. Provocation is also no excuse for this sort of violence. Had this occurred anywhere else but on the footy field it would be a criminal offence. The AFL need to make a stance on this. I’m in no doubt Gaff is remorseful for his actions and so he should be. But he lost control and that’s inexcusable.


Aug 07, 2018

Michael... seriously?


Aug 07, 2018

Striking has no place on the football field, but you madame, are a fool.


Aug 08, 2018

Spot on Michael. His own father has admitted (SEN this morning) that his son dropped his knees at last moment and caught a wayward chest punch. The result is shocking but the intent wasn't calm yourself, it was an unfortunate accident for which he will serve more time than Barry Hall (who aimed for Staker's head and had a rap sheet longer than Capone, but fortunately the injury wasn't as severe).