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The Variety Hour: Special guest Martin Flanagan

Titus sits down with writer Martin Flanagan to discuss the state of Tasmanian football and Martin's new book A Wink from the Universe which tells the story of the 2016 Western Bulldogs premiership. 

Titus will be performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival. 

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Phil Harty 27 February 2018

Great interview with Martin Flanagan - full of depth and humour. As a Collingwood fan, I hope every Collingwood player reads Martin's book so they understand what it means to be a great team.

Andrew Starkie 7 March 2018

Great interview - love MF.. Have discovered your site recently, Titus. Look forward to listening to other interviews.

Jackson 11 June 2018

Listened to this one today, really enjoyed it. Now I've gotta go and watch the 2016 finals series

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