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Romantic things to say to a sports fan

While Valentine’s Day puts the focus on romance for one day of the year, true love is a 24/7 proposition, which is why it’s so exhausting. Luckily, if your partner is a sports fan, it’s easy to make them fall in love with you every single day with just a few romantic phrases like these:

  • I hope to one day make you as happy as your team does but also not to let you down as often
  • When I look into your eyes, I feel almost as happy as when Australia qualified for the 2006 World Cup
  • Go put on your footy scarf and come back to bed, then let’s stream club highlights on YouTube
  • Test cricket is superior to all other formats
  • I got us tickets
  • Our first dance should be to the team song
  • My love for you burns as bright as this flare I just smuggled through security soon will
  • While the team you barrack for isn’t playing, I know this match is important to you
  • If it clashes with the footy we should just reschedule it. People have birthdays all the time
  • Barracking for a team that hasn’t won a premiership since 1964 is not a futile or stupid pastime that is wasting your life
  • We should get a bigger TV
  • I heard you lost so I bought home mac and cheese and this rather large bottle of whiskey
  • I hope there’s another game on after this one
  • Why don’t we make our honeymoon a trip to England to watch the Ashes?
  • I hate the Fanatics too

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Cheryl 14 February 2017

I think my husband hit the jackpot with me. Our wedding vows literally included 'in premiership and wooden spoon years'. And thank goodness for that - we both follow Richmond!!!

Steve 14 February 2017

Cheryl, if you tell us the top of your head is flat, you'd be the perfect woman.

Lewie 14 February 2017

From one Tiger to another, well done!

TP 14 February 2017

Commiserations. There's still time to get out of a thankless relationship. With Richmond I mean. Not your marriage.

Kicked A Goal 14 February 2017

Today marks the 8th anniversary of my now-wife and my first Valentines Day together. She wanted to go to a pub to watch the Tahs' season opener. Sold!!!

(We did have our reception at the SCG, but never occurred to us to do the Bridal Waltz to 'Cheer Cheer'! Good tip for next time. Oh wait....)

Paul 14 February 2017

I managed to get "Hawthorn" engraved on my wife's engagement ring. It was "I love you more than chocolate, wine and Hawthorn". And she barracks for Collingwood!

Pieman 14 February 2017

Does it worry you that she hasn't said exactly the same thing on your wedding ring?

Magpieboy 14 February 2017

I had a mate who when he got married his bride let them walk into the reception to the Carlton club song whilst wearing a Blues jumper.

Philippa 14 February 2017

That's why Valentines Day is in the off season

Philippa 14 February 2017

That's why Valentines Day is in the off season

Clarkey 14 February 2017

I heard you *WON* so I bought home mac and cheese and this rather large bottle of whiskey

shila 12 August 2017

It felt good to have my lover back, DR_MACK@YAHOO. COM has a real Magic, his spell is real!!!! DR.MACK is excellence

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