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We must divert more taxpayer dollars to sports

Australia’s failings at the Rio Olympics have served as a wakeup call to all patriotic Australians that we must commit significantly more...

16 Aug 2016

Unfit TV viewer suddenly synchronised diving expert

Kevin Poulton, a 58-year-old salesman who has a serious but treatable heart condition and is mildly overweight, is suddenly one of the world’s...

10 Aug 2016

Tips for staying safe at the Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympics are almost here and while many are quick to point out the problems the city is currently experiencing, a few simple steps will...

2 Aug 2016

Kitty Chiller sets new world record for media conferences in a day

Chef de Mission to the Australian Olympic Team Kitty Chiller, has set a new world record for media conferences held in a single day.


26 Jul 2016

Ten Easy Steps to Not Become an Olympic Athlete

If there’s one thing I’ve successfully achieved in this life, it’s never becoming an Olympian.

Sure, you can look at me now and claim it...

30 Jul 2012